The 3D-Laboratory is dedicated to 3D film, motion capturing, animation and game development and Virtual and Augmented Reality. The lab is situated at Campus Dieburg.

The lab offers impressive equipment:

  • Vicon tracking system with 6 cameras for motion capturing and VR tracking
  • Infitec 3D stereoscopic rear projection system (compatible to Dolby 3D cinema projections)
  • 3 stereo VR headsets (eMagin Visor 800)
  • Mobile stereo projection system (front and rear projection)
  • High-speed network link to our TV studio
  • 5.1 professional sound system
  • 15 workstations equipped with latest 3D animation and VR/AR software:

You are a media student and want to work at 3D Lab? Contact me

The 3D-Lab is a lively place for professional research and student projects in the areas interactive media, 3D animation, computer games, and sound.

Here is a (growing) list of projects (external pages provided by authors)